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About Us

Our Story

NRG Market was founded in Massachusetts in the summer of 2020 by four friends with a passion for renewable energy, as a way to improve the commercial solar industry after starting a similar company called Main Street Solar. Our time with Main Street Solar was highly rewarding, and we are proud to say we contracted the sale of 42 Megawatts of solar, netting our clients over $28,500,000 in profits. The goal of Main Street Solar was similar to NRG Market’s current goal of accelerating the adoption of renewable energy, but our process then was very different from what it is now.

While creating Main Street Solar, we often found ourselves repeating the same phrase, “This would be so much better if…”. Whether it was educating our clients on the commercial solar industry or finding a way to accurately share, communicate, and update current information to both the solar developers and property owners in real time, we felt there was a better and more efficient way to run our company. Thus, after several months of restructuring, planning, and designing, NRG Market was created.

Our goal of accelerating the adoption of renewable energy still remains, but now we have the added goal of making the commercial solar industry more transparent, simple, and efficient. During the several months of Main Street Solar operations, we had the opportunity to work with many industry leaders, and came to the realization that the daily inefficiencies in the commercial solar industry negatively affects both the solar developers and the property owners. By solving these inefficiencies, we are confident we will continue achieving our goals and make the process better for everyone.

Our Solution

NRG Market is looking to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy by connecting commercial property owners with qualified solar developers in the most transparent, simple, and efficient way. We’ve chosen to tackle this through our live auction format which allows developers to bid on commercial property postings using our easy to read summary information sheet. Find out more by reading our Open Auction walkthrough.

Additionally, NRG Market has partnered with several high-quality solar developers who are eager to gain new clients and help ensure a smooth transition to solar power. Our passion and expertise means a 100% renewable powered Earth is only a few clicks away.

Contact Us

For more information about any of our services, please reach out at info@NRGMarket.com or (781) 366-5296.

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